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Today we will talk about a new and in my opinion a phenomenal functionality for working with Redux, namely — Redux Toolkit (I really hope you understand the concept of how Redux works before you start reading this article as otherwise, some terminology may not be clear for you).

Redux Toolkit is an updated vision of Redux developers on how to manipulate data globally and do it easily and effortlessly.

Let’s take a step back and recall what problems the classical approach has 🤔

If don’t go into detail and statistical comparison, Redux isn’t liked by developers (especially beginners) because…

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Babel is a transcompiler, without which development would be much more difficult and not as convenient as now.

So what is the convenience of using Babel and what opportunities does it provide?

First of all, you need to understand the main task of Babel — the ability to write code “new standard” (with new functionality) without worrying that this new functionality may not be supported by browsers.

The bottom line is that JavaScript is not standing still and is evolving rapidly. …

Stas Fedyna

Software Engineer at Grid Dynamics

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